Everyday I apply a unique blend of corporate discipline, procedures, negotiation and strengths with creativity, personal focus and passion to what I do.

With over ten years of negotiation, sales and marketing experience, I can envision and implement a marketing paln that fits your needs.

Being a Realtor is more than simply buying and selling houses. It is about connecting people to the home that is right for them. I concentrate on what is important to you, and find a home that meets your individual needs and desires.

Finance Experience

My academic and business background is on Finance and Real Estate. Graduated from California State University Northridge on these fields gave me the knowledge and platform to differentiate myself from other Realtors. In today’s competitive market, I offer my clients a financial and innovative approach to sell their home.

Integrated Solutions

I believe in an integrated, consultation process. To maximize your home’s value we work closely together to get your home in top marketing condition before it is presented to the market. First impressions are critical. My team of talented professionals, including my marketing coordinator, designer, buyer agent, escrow coordinator, photographer, media specialist, loan officer, title representative are all involved in this collaborative effort.

Maximum Internet Exposure

My goal is to maximize internet exposure. Almost all buyers initially see their future home online.  Our internet savvy approach outperforms the competition.