Dear Rental Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in this property offered by JHM Business
Services. We are committed to giving to you quality service, which includes;
a clean home, a home in good repair and reasonable rent.

The attached application and application cover sheet is designed to speed you through the
application process. We have also included the credit guidelines. Other
residents have told us they appreciated being told what the guidelines were
right away. This saves everyone time!

We look forward to working with you.

**This rental property is available to all individuals regardless of race, color,
religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

**************RENTAL APPLICATION PROCESS******************* 

To find out about our Rental Application Process please view below PDF files:

Rental Application Guidelines And Information

Conditions of Move In

General Questionaire

Lease Application

If you are thinking if it is better for you to rent versus buying the property of your interest bellow calculation can be found to be very useful in your decision making process.   


How much rent do you really pay?

You will have paid the following amounts to your landlord:

Your Current Monthly Rent (CMR)  is amount on the left column. 

  CMR    3 years 5 years  10 years  20 years 30 years
$800    $30,264 $53,046  $120,748 $317,430 $637,813
$1,000 $37,830 $66,308  $150,935 $396,791 $797,266
$1,200 $45,396 $79,569  $181,122 $476,150 $956,719
$1,400 $52,962 $92,831  $211,309 $555,508 $1,116,173
$1,600 $60,528 $106,092 $241,496 $634,866 $1,275,626
$1,800 $68,094 $119,354 $271,682 $714,225 $1,435,079
$2,000 $75,660 $132,615 $301,869 $793,583 $1,594,532
$2,200 $83,226 $145,877 $332,056 $872,941 $1,753,986
$2,400 $90,792 $159,138 $362,243 $952,299 $1,913,439

Compare the Advantages. Should you rent or own?
                                                                                                                                Rent  Own
Deduct mortgage interest in calculating income tax?                                                  No  Yes
Deduct real estate taxes in calculating income tax?                                                    No  Yes
Build equity?                                                                                                                No  Yes
Hege against inflation?                                                                                                No  Yes
Improvements whithin the apartment contribute to future value?                              No  Yes
Resale in years to come?                                                                                             No  Yes
Property can be put to trust?                                                                                       No  Yes
Property can be passed on to your heirs?                                                                    No  Yes
Property can be mortgaged?                                                                                        No  Yes
Voice in bluilding management?                                                                                    No  Yes
Fixed pricipal and interest payments that help stabilize monthly living costs?              No  Yes

Yearly rents based on 5% annual increase

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. License # 01759329