Mission Statement

JHM is one of the premier leading professional business services in the nation. It has been operating since 2002 offering variety of business services that focus primarily on the real estate industry offering real estate selling and buying, mortgage and loan financing, real estate appraisal, notary, and tax preparation services.

During the past and current years, JHM Business Services has focused on the Real Estate industry with our primarily goal to provide customer satisfaction and solution to their needs by working with competitive experts in each field that we offer.

JHM Business Services is constantly looking for the best interest of our clients by finding the perfect dream home to our buyers, helping you sell your home rapidly, assist you with your real estate investment opportunities in the retail, housing, commercial and industrial level.

At the same token, the appraisal service helps our clients estimated valuation property in the different areas of residential, commercial and industrial with the most accurate and methodological method in order to approach current market values. All the great valuation services are conducted by a team of licensed real estate appraisers.

In the past years, we have also incorporated real estate financing and loans services. We are educating first time homebuyers, assisting current owners that have needs for refinance, equity line of credit, construction loans and bridge loans for improvements. We also help our real estate investors obtaining the best loan suitable for their real estate investment needs for commercial, residential or developing a new construction. Our mortgage brokers are professionals fully qualified in this industry.

 In addition, the notary service department helps our clients with any loan signing documents, and notarial needs for clients and businesses. Our team is conformed by Certified Notary Signing Agents with a great expertise in the field, available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our Professionals Certified Tax Preparers that constitute our Accounting team will help our clients in the preparation of income taxes during the tax season helping you get the best return for your money in a great timely manner.

Whichever situation you might get involved, don't hesitate to contact JHM Business Services. If we can't help you, we will refer you to our service partners and other professional services. Our first goal is to satisfy your needs and answer all your questions

JHM Business Services

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