What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is growing in popularity. As any REALTOR® will tell you, first impressions make a big difference to buyers.  The objective of home staging is to present your home in the best possible light, and to make it stand out from the rest.  It creates a setting that inspires the visitor to visualize themselves residing in the home.

In addition to selling faster and at a higher price, a Staged home typically sells better regardless of the state of the real estate market

How Is Home Staging Accomplished?

  • Existing furnishings can be used in new and exciting ways.

  • Updated and colorful accessories can be added to make a significant difference.

  • The entire home can be Staged using rented furniture and accessories.  This approach is particularly useful for some or all of the rooms in a vacant home.

The final effect often has the homeowner wondering whose home they have wandered into! Making your home look like a model home is a typical outcome of Home Staging .  In fact, many of our Home Staging clients ask us to do the same thing in their new home!

Reasons to Stage Your Home

Staging Sells - If you are selling your home, Home Staging will contribute toward selling your home faster, and at a higher price. 

Staging to Enhance Your Lifestyle - If you want to enhance your lifestyle by creating a more peaceful, organized and pleasant home environment, Home Staging is the answer. Most people get involved in family and business activities, and don’t notice the amazing rate at which clutter accumulates.  And, you may not know how to use your existing furniture and accessories to create the feeling you’d like to have in your home. Home Staging isn’t reserved for when you sell your home. It can also help you enjoy the home you’re in!

Regardless of your objective, the process is basically the same. Our services are very affordable, and can be structured to provide as little or as much assistance as you would like:

Staging Consultation

The first step in the Staging process is to identify what needs to be done:

  • Initial Interview - We conduct a telephone interview with you to discuss objectives, and gather preliminary information. If the Home Staging is being done in connection with the sale of a home, a telephone interview is also conducted with the real estate agent responsible for the listing and if you do not have an agent JHM will be of your service and agent will be assigned to you per your request.
  • Property Tour - We’ll meet to discuss the Staging opportunities, and if we decide to work together, we will walk through the house twice. First, we will ask you to provide a tour of the property so that we can discuss specific objectives. Then, we will do a second walk-through to take additional notes and photographs.
  • Staging Report - You’ll receive a detailed written report describing the steps that need to be taken to Stage® the home. Based on the situation, the report will identify things that should be packed, moved, painted or replaced. The report will also address where to place furniture and accessories. and recommendations on acquiring accessories that will update the look of the home.

Sometimes our participation stops here, and you’ll implement the recommendations in the Staging Report.  At other times, we will stay involved as described below.

Fine-Tune Visit

A Fine-Tune Visit can be performed after you have implemented the recommendations in the Staging Report. During the Fine-Tune Visit, we will make adjustments to further refine placement of furniture and accessories, and to make additional recommendations, if required.  If you request our help with shopping for new accessories after the Staging Consultation, those items will be delivered during the Fine-Tune Visit.

Home Staging Implementation

We can save you time and frustration by implementing the recommendations in the Staging Report for you. Again, we can do as little or as much as you’d like.

  • Complete Staging - A complete Staging starts at the curb in front of your home. The home is assessed from every angle: the view from the street, every room in your home, the patio, the yard, even the closets! We can perform anything from a Complete Staging to Staging only one or two rooms.
  • Staging Using Your Belongings - We can Stage your home using only the furniture and accessories you currently own.
  • Staging Using New Accessories - We can Stage your home using the furniture and accessories you currently own, and adding as many accessories as are required to achieve the desired effect.
  • Vacant Home Staging - A vacant home for sale can be Staged using rental furniture and accessories to furnish the entire home, or just to provide “vignettes” inspiring the buyer to imagine how they would enjoy living in the home and using the space.


 JHM Décor Team

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